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Yelloweye rockfish and bocaccio occupying the Salish Sea have been listed under the U.S. Federal Endangered Species Act (ESA) since 2010, with yelloweye as Threatened and bocaccio as Endangered.

In 2017, NOAA Fisheries completed a recovery plan for both species, outlining critical data needs and collaborative policy actions. In 2020, the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) assessed the inside waters (Salish Sea) population of yelloweye as Threatened.

In this presentation, Dayv Lowry briefly describes several dedicated, collaborative field and laboratory studies on both sides of the international border since 2017; outlines remaining data gaps and research opportunities; highlights creation of the Puget Sound Kelp Conservation and Recovery Plan as a tool for assessing rockfish habitat; and describes targeted outreach and engagement activities, including creation of a children's book on rockfish biology and conservation.

While broad-scale environmental degradation continues to threaten these species, strategic recovery plans gave us insight into their biology and their ecological role. The continued and cooperative effort of all stakeholders is required to ensure recovery goals are met.

During this time he oversaw population assessments of Dungeness crab, maintained spawning escapement databases for salmonid stocks, conducted extensive research on rockfish using remotely operated vehicles, and served on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council's Scientific and Statistical Committee, among diverse other natural resource and management tasks. He currently serves on the Science and Data Committee for the Pacific Marine and Estuarine Fish Habitat Partnership (PMEP), the Puget Sound Ecological Monitoring Program (PSEMP) Steering Committee, and the Governance Council of the Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems (NANOOS). In his current position, he coordinates all aspects of recovery plan implementation for yelloweye rockfish and bocaccio, building partnerships and guiding science to ensure that threats are minimized and species persistence is assured.

Yelloweye Rockfish Overview
Bocaccio (Protected)
Ecological Research on Rockfishes in Puget Sound

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