About the Class

Florian Graner will be present three very recent short films of 9-12 minutes duration:
1.) Fish Recovery of the Elwha River After Dam Removal
2.) The Kelp Highway and the Story of Kelp: Preserving One of Our Most Important Marine Habitats
3.) The Supply Chain Crisis and How it Affects Island Communities and Island County Marine Ecosystems Directly

There will be a brief introduction to each and there is room for a 5 minute discussion at the end of each.


Florian has been a research diver since 1990 and has NOAA observer diver status. During 3,250 dives, he has filmed extensively in local waters of the Salish Sea, as well as in remote regions of the planet. Current video and cinema productions feature the Salish Sea and the Olympic Peninsula, including the natural history documentary currently on the National Geographic Channel: "America's National Parks: Olympic". His documentary film "Beneath the Salish Sea" is a wide-screen movie project, updated annually, and in its 10th edition. In 25 years of film making Florian has dived and filmed in many remote regions, working for award winning series productions such as Blue Planet / BBC, Amazon Abyss / BBC, Pacific Abyss / BBC, River Monsters, Discovery Channel and many more. Florian received his PhD and MS in Marine Biology from the University of Liverpool. Most of his scientific work focuses on marine mammals and his PhD work was done on harbour porpoises in Norway. You can learn more about Florian and his extensive cinematography and documentary production experience from his company's website at sealife-productions.com

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